Soaring Eagle Healing

Medicine Woman


Reiki Master/Teacher

Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

Tel: 720-220-6079

Arvada, CO

United States

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Reiki Healing

Soaring Eagle Healing,

An Awareness Healing Practice

My Mission: “Healing and Creating Through Awareness.”

Soaring Eagle Healing focuses on the beautiful gift of awareness that is available to cultivate each and every day.  The offerings empower you to embrace your own awareness through relaxation, connection and movement.

Customized offerings include:

  • Reiki Healing Sessions - a gentle and soothing hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing from within.

  • Dancing Mindfulness Sessions – a wellness practice (one-on-one or group classes) combining mindfulness and movement to cultivate acceptance, trust and joy.

  • Personalized Meditations  - 7 days of personalized meditations to cultivate calm and be connected.

  • Awareness Library – a list of resources always expanding with new books, podcasts and opportunities to explore your awareness in your own unique way.

My goal is to work with individuals to empower the opportunity to tap into your unique and beautiful life force. Let AWARENESS inspire you to cultivate more Joy, Peace, Understanding, and Adventure in your life. 



Amanda Gregg