"You Are the Wisest Voice in the Room, Listen!"

~Amanda Gregg

Soaring Eagle Healing helps individuals get comfortable in their own body so they can move through upset, anxiety, stress and procrastination with ease.

The unique blend of Movement, Mindfulness, Energy and Essential Oils, both in one-on-one coaching and group programs help:

Identify WHO you are!  

WHY you do what you do! 

And HOW you can...

FLOW with life's circumstances in a whole new way.

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​doTERRA Essential Oils has been a part of my life for the past 6 years. The oils are now part of my family's medicine cabinet and I have never looked back. I am so excited to share the power of the oil with you and how I incorporate it into my healing and meditation practice.

"The Programs of Soaring Eagle Healing provided me with an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, explore creative ways to tap into my body and share in a safe space a new goal and actions toward that goal."


"I have been doing long distance Reiki for over six months now with Amanda and it has greatly exceeded my expectations! When I first heard about it, I was concerned it would not have the same effect from a distance, but that has not been the case. It has provided an opportunity to stop everything, center myself and focus on my intention. It has also brought greater awareness of my physical, mental and emotional health.I have noticed that if I remain consistent with Reiki, it becomes more effective. Each session peels back more layers and really gets at the root cause of issues.Amanda has such insight and understanding. She equips you with practical strategies on how to address some of the key issues that come up in the sessions.I come out of the Reiki sessions feeling empowered and with a renewed sense of hope!"


Embodiment Speaker

Empowered Movement Mentor

Reiki Master/Teacher

What if Up Ambassador

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Soaring Eagle Healing



Conifer, CO

United States

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