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I have been asked a lot in the last few months how someone can bring awareness home.  In other words, how they can work to cultivate what they are learning in their practices (i.e. Reiki, Yoga and other modalities). 

Well each month I will bring something new to this page for you to try on for size to cultivate your own tools. 

Meditations, dancing, recipes and so much more that you can do right in the comfort of your own home.


I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear what you think about the content.

Elements of Nature Meditations

Each of these meditations are less than 9 minutes long.

Dancing Mindfulness at Home

Recently I watched, “Heal.”  A wonderful documentary that talked about the Mind, Body and Spirit and how we have all the healing we need right inside of us.  Dancing can be a practice for you that heals.  It can heal wounds from the past, it can help with pain in areas of the body, it can help with emotional changes, and so much more.

If you are wondering if this could be right for you today I am offer a short playlist – you can also come up with your own playlist using the elements of Dancing Mindfulness above. 

Take a 11 minute period of your day for you and Dance!

Awareness at Home Playlist – About 11 minutes

*All can be found on YouTube or your favorite music app

Breathe (Feat. Angela McCluskey) 4:40 min

use this song to warm up and just begin to move your body slowly

Rain Dance Drums (American Indian Music) 1.23 min

keep moving your body and begin to bring in the mindfulness word(s)

Natural (Imagine Dragons) – 3:07 min

creating larger movements if that is comfortable to you, but mostly listen to your own body and how it would like to move

Calming Music (Chakra Balancing Therapy) 2:55 min

cool down and slow the movements again coming back to a rest and none movement at the very end of this song

Congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Make up your own playlist and dance anytime.