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Medicine Woman


Reiki Master/Teacher

Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

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My Journey

Medicine Woman


Reiki Master/Teacher

Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

My name is Amanda Gregg and I am the owner and founder of Soaring Eagle Healing, an Awareness Healing practice.  This practice combines Reiki and Motion (lovingly called Reikimotion) offerings include: Reiki Healing, Dancing Mindfulness and Meditation Experiences. 


My service experience began in the nonprofit sector, with a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, serving older adults in our community for the past twelve years.  The different organizations I have served, and currently serve, all connect and empower older adults with services that foster independence.  In the spirit of connecting others and serving, I have been called to work with energy healing through Reiki and Dancing Mindfulness, as well as empower individuals to bring awareness to their own unique journeys.


Through 16 hours of training and over 100 hours of service hours to individuals, I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.  I also completed 20 hours of training with LifeSpark Cancer Resources , where I volunteer to provide Reiki to those undergoing cancer treatments.  Additionally, I have become certified as a Dancing Mindfulness instructor after 6 hours of training and instruction.

Dancing Diva

Any time there is music on, I have always found myself wanting to move and express myself – it just plain feels good.  I have done this over the years at various locations including parties, at my house with my boys and by myself when something really moves me.  I have always felt dance was in my blood, but until recently and with a few friends urging me to dig deeper, did I find and engage with Dancing Mindfulness.  I am so excited to bring this movement further into my life and bring the opportunity to others.  There are no memorizing dance movements, it is all about mindfully moving the body in ways that are organic and authentic to the individual.  I LOVE IT and I am excited to share it.


Realizing Reiki

My first introduction to Reiki occurred when I was traveling outside of the United States and had a painful dental problem come up. A fellow traveler asked me if I was interested in having a Reiki treatment to help me with the pain.  At the time, I had no knowledge of Reiki and wanted anything to help me feel better. As she moved her hands over the outside of my mouth, I felt relief and the pain decreased significantly.  What an impactful experience this was and I have never forgotten the healing relief I felt from Reiki.

That was 18 years ago and I vividly remember every detail of the experience.  In the years that followed, I have had experience with other Reiki treatments. About a year ago, Reiki reentered my life in a profound and powerful way. I met a wonderful Reiki Master Teacher and was very intrigued to be a part of a class to learn the impactful technique myself.  I remembered the experience from so long ago and grew upon my interest in what Reiki had to offer.  I knew that it is an important practice, as there are so many examples of Reiki helping others through many life experiences throughout history.  To me, learning this practice meant I could hold space for myself and others to find healing and a deeper connection to our own energy.  There is so much power and possibility in this space– there can be peace, there can be healing, there can be wonder, and there can be change. 


Awareness Adventurer

All of these experiences and more have contributed to my journey with awareness.  I like to call myself an Awareness Adventurer.  Through meditation, Reiki, reading, attending events, engaging with programs that encourage self-exploration along with, acceptance of what is right in the moment, I feel as though I have something to share to empower and inspire others to embrace and become aware of their own journey.  I want to bring this awareness to others in unique and fun ways.


Ultimately, I feel so humble in BECOMING.  It has furthered my present journey of inner leadership, growth, and change.  My goal through this work and business is to empower, give hope, and provide a faith that the universe, energy and awareness that surround us supports and guides our journeys through life.  Your dreams, hopes and inspirations are all within reach! 

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.


Amanda Gregg