Soaring Eagle Healing


Movement Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

Tel: 720-220-6079

Evergreen, CO

United States

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About Amanda


Movement Coach

Energy Healer

My name is Amanda Gregg and I am the owner and founder of Soaring Eagle Healing, an Awareness Healing practice.  This practice combines Movement, Energy and Mindfulness.


I have been serving clients with energy and movement healing seeing some amazing results that include:

Increased ability to relaxation

Stress reduction

Reduced physical pain (various areas)

Release past hurt emotionally



Enhanced joy.

As I continue to learn and grow as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Dancing Mindfulness Teacher, I know deeply that the combination of movement, energy and mindfulness allow for transformation.  Through this learning, I have created programs that bring this to life for those ready and willing to ask for (and GET) what they want in their lives.

Ultimately, I feel so humble in BECOMING.  It has furthered my present journey of inner leadership, growth, and change.  My goal through this work and business is to empower, share my journey, and provide a faith that the universe, energy and awareness that surround us, supports and guides our journeys through life.  


Your dreams, hopes and inspirations are all within reach! 

I live with my lovely family in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy the outdoors.