3 Ways to Drop the To Do List and Still Get it all Done.

Taking a closer look at your own to do list and finding a way through worry and anxiety into joy and FUN.

I love the sound of rain on the metal roof we installed last year. It is a great reminder for me that I can take a moment, slow down and even snuggle up with a lovely book. The high energy of the sun has been covered by the clouds and I can rest. At least that is how my mind provides me with a ticket to rest.

As I take a moment to think more about this, I have had and found others expressing that taking time to slow down, and even snuggling up with a lovely book, can bring up feelings of guilt, anxiety and fear. A fear that if I am not getting “it” done, nobody will do “it.” Or I should be doing something else “more productive” rather than reading. I get it - I have felt this before many times.

At the same time, I have had moments of joy in the busyness and heard this from clients too. Watching the tick marks being placed down the list of to dos can be the sign of accomplishment and honestly pure joy. Or there is a task you “get to do” and are looking forward to the journey into this work rather than the actual outcome.

What I know deeply is this, we as humans are not meant to suffer. All experiences are just that, experiences. They are neither good, bad, weird, funny, off the wall, positive or any other word we assign to them. These are our own perspectives, very relevant, but only perspectives.

So, taking that moment with your busyness to either slow your roll or enjoy ever last drop of being busy is an experience unique to you. This is where dropping the worry, anxiety, guilt of your to do list and still getting it all done gets FUN!

You get to experiment with you. I equate this to science so bear with me on the references here... So let’s get started, put your goggles on and get ready. First what I like to imagine is YOU in a beaker (if you have no idea what I am talking about, just a glass is fine) and take “busyness” and your "to do list" and pour it in. Pour as much or as little as you like, it is your experiment so do what you need to do.

What is the reaction?

How does it feel?

All of that which happens to us in this life, is for sure an experiment that we get to conduct.

Be playful and watch what happens.

While running this experiment, take into consideration these 3 Ways to Drop the TO DO List AND Still Get It All Done!

Being Aware, Curious and Consistent

Busyness and our to do list can take us away from ourselves and brings us very much into our own heads. It can be both joyful sometimes and other times it can be hard and stressful. The experiment helps to keep you aware of what is happening in the experience for you. Have you ever been in that moment where you are in the flow of the busy? It is lighting you up and just plain fun.

Be curious about how you react to the different strokes of busyness in your life. You may find some answers and reactions that you have never experienced before. Consistent awareness and curiosity is highly recommended. Having a space to keep running experiments and learning more about you is the main goal.

Need a little bit of help in this area?

Let’s set a time to chat and talk about your awareness, curiosity and consistency.

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Be Grateful

As mentioned above, the words we use to describe experiences are unique to us. We all have different perspectives and views of situations and circumstances. This includes perspectives on our own feelings and thoughts daily.

One practice that you have probably heard about is being grateful and perhaps even writing your gratitude each day. What I found when I practiced this is it can take any form: writing, speaking, and much more. The key is engaging in gratitude in some way each day. Even if it is for just a few minutes.

What if you could be grateful for your experiences and discover ways that busyness and the to do list do not rule you and bring you joy?

Be Willing to Tell About It!

I truly believe that when we as humanity are willing and able to share our experiences, we ascend and grow together that much more. The inspiration, flow of energy and support that can come with sharing is one that brings us out of our busy mind. It provides a space to share what our experiments have yielded and how others can take this information, if it resonates with them, and go forth with their experiments in their own life.

Be brave, be willing and be expressive so another can learn from you. You are an inspiration and your experiences and unique experiments matter!

So, look at your to do list today and run your experiment. How do these 3 ways help you to drop the do list in the way of worry, anxiety and guilt and get you to a place of going about your day in your own flow and still getting it all done!

Need another person to share your busyness or experiment results with? I am here for you! I would love to chat about your to do list, your thoughts and work together to find your own unique flow to still get it all done in your life.

If you would like to hear this message is another way, please find me on my YouTube Channel at Amanda Gregg the recording of Mindfulness Monday about this topic will be available too!

As always remember,

"You are the wisest voice in the room, Listen!"


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