4 Steps to Accept Your Health

Accepting the Aging Process. These 4 Steps can bring acceptance of your health as it is right now.

I recently was chatting with my beautiful mother about health and we started to get really passionate about 4 steps that could help with acceptance. We were talking about how health looks different for everyone and how accepting health now is so important in healing. My mother takes us on her journey in health in the beginning of this post and the 4 steps in health are uncovered through this exploration, please read on.

We've all had a vision in our heads of the 20-something we were.  We could eat what we want, party till all hours of the night, then with very little effort erase the effects of not taking the best care of our bodies and mind. 

As we begin to age, that vision becomes more hope than reality.  We see that not always taking care of ourselves has taken a toll.  What used to work in repairing the neglect of our bodies no longer works in a satisfactory amount of time or doesn't work at all.

"Do we give up and let nature take its course, or do we find alternatives that work as we age?"

I've found that I prefer to explore new ways of helping me accept where I am right now.  Opening my mind to alternatives that never occurred to me before is helping me accept that I am no longer able to always do what I used to do, but I am still able to take control of my health, how I see myself and accept my aging self. 

Reiki sessions with Amanda have given me confidence to explore my inner feelings and I strive to accept my regrets from the past.   I did the best I could at the time and I am still doing the best I can. I've found that other alternatives to Western medicine have also helped me deal with health issues in the last 2 or 3 years.  Acupuncture, massage therapy, dancing mindfulness have all contributed to my journey.

"I believe because I want to believe, that a positive, open-minded approach is the key to my own success in accepting my aging process and where I am right now. I will never be 20 or 30 or even 60 again, but I will be the best I can be RIGHT NOW."  

~Lori B

So in thinking about your own health journey, here are 4 steps to try meant to stretch your mindfulness to start accepting your health right now:

1. Accepting the negative experience is a positive experience. The awareness to begin to accept the negative experiences actually provides a road to bring about positive experiences. If you can look back on a difficult experience you had, did you grow a lot during this time? As it pertains to your health, can you take the experience you are having right now and know that accepting it for what it is will bring about a growth that is so much bigger than the experience itself? Try it on, how does it feel to let this step in?

2. Select one health related change you would like to make and decide how to make it happen. Pick one or maybe two things based on your needs right now (i.e. Reiki, meditation, massage, yoga, painting, writing, physical therapy, eating healthy, reading a blog that gives insights and steps, be creative there is so much that could be calling to you). Make a list of your priorities for your particular health change and find the most important one(s) for you. This may take a little bit of research, a little bit of listening and a little bit of uncomfortable realizations. But in the end, there may be one or two things that rise to the surface. A lot of times this can cut through the overwhelm of so many options and wanting to try so many at once. Remember, we are not selecting these because we want to get back to what was 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, we are instead selecting these because we know our health is important and we want to be, as my mom put it, "the best we can be right now."

3. Commit to this health priority for 90 days. Determine action steps on your priority and what you can do in the next 90 days. Break it down by each week perhaps and schedule what you will do. As my favorite teacher, Marie Forleo says, "if it is not scheduled, it is not real." Therefore, put it on your calendar. What you may need to do is not just go to classes, but commit your time to meditation each morning or figuring out your finances in order to purchase organic foods. The important part is putting it on the calendar and making a commitment for 90 days to make it happen.

4. After 90 days, evaluate. Look back at how things went, was it successful for you? What it a bust and felt difficult? This step is there to help you determine what is worth continuing and how you can move forward. Perhaps it is necessary to go back to your priority list and select another option. The main point is to keep going and make changes incrementally. The acceptance of what is now provides the wisdom to create the most appropriate steps for the movement forward. As I say so often, take time and listen.

Much love and healing to you on this journey. Take stock and perhaps try something new today and see what happens. Soaring Eagle Healing is here for some new ideas and possibilities such as the upcoming Mindfulness Creations Workshop, Dancing Mindfulness Class, or engaging in my 7-Day Meditation Challenge (sign up on my home page and get a downloadable document). Whatever it is that you try, know that you are doing it for you and as my mom said, "I believe because I want to believe."

So believe that "Your voice is the wisest in the room, listen to YOU "

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