A Waterfall or a Fire Hose?

As each day starts, as each year begins, there is so much opportunity and possibilities the universe has to offer. Do you feel like you are drinking from a waterfall or a fire hose?

As the day comes into focus, I am struck by all the possibilities that seem to be flowing to me in endless waves. The beginning of the year starts for me with dreams and big goals for growth. For my new business to flourish and new creative aspects of me to come alive. At times, I feel overwhelmed with what all this means and at other times I feel grateful and full of energy to the movement forward.

I close my eyes and realize I can choose. I can choose if I view these opportunities and possibilities through the lens of "drinking from a waterfall" or "drinking from a fire hose." This images conjures up peace through a waterfall and frantic confusion with a fire hose. There will be days when both are true, but remembering that I have the choice in which energy I choose. With this my mantra for the week flows freely like a waterfall.

This Week's Mantra: "I embrace the awareness and joy that comes from the fusion of possibilities from the Universe!"

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