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Meditation of the Meadow

Remembering the summer in the open space, bring warmth to my bones and a lightness to my heart. I wrote this late in the summer. This afternoon, as I look out at the snow that blankets the space now - I remember the green and the light. It helps to bring awareness to my afternoon.

As I got to the meadow – I was able to stop and sit and meditate. The sun was just coming over the ridge and it rose so quickly and with great intensity. I felt the love and warm the earth offers us each day. I realized that for me the sun means love – as I close my eyes I see a pink light illuminating my mind’s eye. It is so comforting, joyous and infinite. I kept thinking about this and determined that the sun is a lot like our lives – in the sky the sun can be bright and beautiful – no clouds in sight. Those are the days in our lives where love is so easy to feel and to give, that we are overflowing. There are other days where there are wisps of clouds that play with the sun but do not blocks it’s intensity. Then there are days when the sun really goes behind the clouds – those are the days we go in and out of consciousness and the now.

We go into a story in our minds and sort of get lost. Then there are those days where the sky is just gray and perhaps even stormy. Those are the days when we do not see the sun at all. We have perhaps lost sight of love and go through our day on autopilot. However, we know that the sun is always there behind, shining with all its glory. We also know that love is always there – shining with all its glory each and every day. I embrace the light no matter if I can see it in my life or if it is shining so brightly it blinds me with love. I want love in my life every day and today and always I declare that to be so.

Today’s Affirmation: I am the light, I see the light shining on me and others just as love shines on us all here on earth. Thank you for this day and this moment to reflect.

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