Awareness At Home

We all have learned tools to cope with stress, with overwhelm and other challenges we face in life. How to stop and reach for these tools when you need them most.

Recently I was talking with a dear friend, now client, about tools we have to cope with life on a daily basis. She was pointing out, as we began our Reiki Session together, each of us are blessed because we have many tools at our disposal that we can work with when in crisis or when we have something that is at the top of mind to figure out. This can include those things pictured above such as acupuncture, cupping, Reiki, meditation, crystals, essential oils and so much more.

As I had time to think about this more, I recently found myself in a state of overwhelm and the tools I have to work through this were very far from my reach. I found myself in full blown overwhelm and was instantly brought to the point of needing a little time to fill my own bucket. I turned off the phone for a day and did the things I liked to do. This included hanging with the boys, meditating, walking in nature, getting the house straightened up (this helps with the organized side of me) and reading (I finished a great book by Jayne Sanders – Twists, Turns and Truths). A fun and relaxing read all about Awareness, my favorite subject!

With the help from my friend who gave me some words of encouragement and showed me I had the tools to stop and take a break to fill my own bucket. I was able to come back the next week with renewed energy and gratitude. Even though the new schedules of school can be a little hard, the balance of work and home life moves through another growth spurt and there is so much fun to be had in the fall, I knew the tools I have learned in my journey so far are always within reach if I just take a moment to breathe.

From this place, I have come to an idea I have decided to act on in full service to you, my reader and dedicated subscriber, in this work of love.

I am calling it Awareness at Home. I have heard from people that doing the meditations, being a part of a yoga class or having a Reiki session is great AND then they ask, "what can I do when I get home?" There is motivation to practice and continue to cultivate our own awareness. In thinking about this, there are so many tools out there to add to our awareness and connection. However, I have also seen there can be overwhelm on this front too, there is so much to choose from how does one choose what is best?

Well in answering that – I say, "find what resonates with you." The shear number of tools out there gives no limit to your imagination and what you can connect with, so test something out. This month for the Awareness at Home (which I will launch one per month for you) – I am offering a series of 5 meditations in the form of MP3 (audio files you can listen to). These meditations following along with the 5 Elements of Nature (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Ether (Space)). You can do all 5 within the week, choose the one you like the best, do them each morning or find a different way to do them that resonates with you. It is all there for you to customize.

So try on this tool for size, or look into what tools you can call on for yourself. Fill your own bucket and continue to practice your own unique tools so when you need them most they are within reach.

Click Here to Get Your First Installment of Awareness At Home!

As always, thank you for reading and remember, "You are the WISEST voice in the room, LISTEN!"

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