Body, Mind and Spirit

How to practice the balance of Body, Mind and Spirit with just a few steps in AWARENESS.

After this weekend's big event for Soaring Eagle Healing at the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo, I felt inspired to look further at these three words - Body, Mind, Spirit.

As I met so many wonderful people and talked about Soaring Eagle Healing's mission, I began to ask this question:

"What percentage of time do you spend in your Mind, Body and Spirit at any given moment during your day?"

The answers I received varied for everyone. Some said there is a balance, others indicated they felt more in their mind and others said they felt they spend more time in the body when something hurts or is uncomfortable.

This has lead me to really think about the mission of Soaring Eagle Healing even deeper.

"Healing and Creating Through Awareness."

I have found that everyone's balance is different and unique to them. It may even change with the days, months, seasons and what is happening at the time. Depending upon what you are engaged in, the task or work may call more on the mind, body or the spirit. For example, I think of when I am in a Reiki session, I am spending a higher percentage of time in my spirit. It just depends. What I believe is important is the AWARENESS we bring with us each day. As we've talked about before, this is just another tool for you to consider in bringing awareness to your daily life.

So how can you put this into practice in your life now?

1st - Determine your ideal balance for the day. Write it down in the morning or the night before.

Mind = ____%

Body = ____%

Spirit = ____%

2nd - Check in as much as you can throughout the day on these three areas.

3rd - Review the balance of the day in the evening with what you intended. Was it close to the percentages or did it change somewhere within the day?

Just notice without judgement.

Repeat Each Day

Begin to notice how this practice changes your perspective of you days. Are there tools that help you shift your perspective or the percentages within the Body, Mind or Spirit? Reiki, Dance, Yoga, Mala Making, Reading or Journaling?

Stay open to the possibilities and keep being an Awareness Adventurer!

As always thank you for reading and remember:

"You are the wisest voice in the room, Listen!"

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