Bypass the Busyness In One Simple Step

Reading posts on Facebook used to make me envious of the time people spent with nature, relaxing with family and that somehow they were able to take random days off. I found I was doing some of these things too BUT with my to do list constantly nagging at me. Therefore, it felt like this time was gone in a flash and I forgot to enjoy it. Ultimately the busyness blindsided me.

Have you ever felt this way?

Present, but also not present all at the same time?

One example that I find myself in sometimes is I can see myself starring blankly at my boys when they are telling me something important to them and I know instantly from their expressions I am not present. Now I can snap myself to the present with one step but it wasn't always like this.

So what is the one simple step? Let me share a story before I reveal my secret sauce...

As I took some time for me this weekend for a few hours, I found myself on a beautiful cliff overlooking the Colorado River. The expansion of sky and mesas and river was spectacular. A backdrop for a practice I have been working to institute for myself monthly.

As I sat quietly, I listened intently to what my body needed in the moment. The movement that emerged was a sort of dance. This dance expanded into places that called for more space and healed others that had been gripping for the past few months. It felt like my entire body took a full breath and released.

During these monthly moments, a card reading has also been an element that brings me so much peace, love and joy. The reading this month revealed some cards I have not seen yet in the deck I love so much. It was like I turned a corner and had new messages to explore. The messages were encouraging and inspiring.

What I felt was that my thoughts, feelings and emotions were given a space to reveal WHO I AM now and how this opens to serving others. I felt a sense of connection and the busyness dropped away simply and easily.

So What is it? What is the secret sauce you ask?

Drum roll...MOVEMENT!

Yes! That simple you say, I know, right. It really is and it is proven that when we move the body there is shift in energy. The indicators can be the release of the shoulders, relaxation of the hips or even the heart beating faster. The sensations in the body have messages for us and are just waiting for us to listen.

The body has reactions it would like to share about all sorts of circumstances that surround us but the busyness gets in the way.

SO are you ready to use movement to breakout of your busyness?

We all can be caught up in the busy AND the body is ready to assist.

  • Like when you find yourself at the computer for far too many hours without even thinking of moving?

  • Like when your to do list overwhelms you and chains you to tasks that are difficult and annoying at best?

Want more movement? I am here for you. My passion is to help people get comfortable in their body so they can bypass busyness and step into peace becoming the best version of themselves. All under the guidance of the body, which is intelligent too!

So back to my weekend, as I sat with the messages from my body and the cards, I felt called to share this experience with YOU. Having the opportunity to connect with the body is an experience I want to share far and wide. One that can, so many times, be bypassed in the busyness of the to do lists and daily obligations.

TODAY and for the entire month of June, I am offering complimentary Spark Sessions, complete with movement and your very own card reading! I want to hear your desires and explore together the movement and messages with the cards that emerge from your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Hope to see you on my calendar soon!


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