In the Midst of Change?

Change is around us, is in us and pushing us each day to grow. Try these 4 Key Ideas to ensure Change = Growth every time.

Change = Growth

"The Only Constant in Life is Change." Who said that? Well my teachers, my parents, my husband. I say it to my kids and I always keep reminding myself of this in my mindfulness practice. It seems who was actually quoted saying this is, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. Well there you go! As I thought about quotes and subjects for this blog - I am usually inspired by such quotes as this one.

As the winds of change blow in our lives, it is may or may not be comforting to be reminded of the quote above. However, when considering which road to take, the one lined with trees, the one with flowers or the one with cacti, we have some mindfulness practices we can bring along with us, no matter which path is the best in the moment for our lives.

As I have thought about this, in conjunction with the book I am currently enjoying because of the plethora of quotes - I have boiled it down to 4 keys ideas to consider on your journey through change. Mark Manson is the author of a book called, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***." Really that is the title, it is chalk full of humor, flat out telling it like it is and great quotes (something that has always helped me on my journey). So the next time you are at the threshold of the latest change, I invite you to consider these 4 ideas for the journey to usher in the new.

1. Take time to process emotions, feelings and thoughts everyday. Write them down, sketch them, talk about them at the dinner table, sing about them, yell them in your bathroom while the fan is going (that one is a personal favorite of mine). In the book mentioned above, Mark points out that we do not have the option in some cases to choose our circumstance, but we ALWAYS are responsible for our reaction to them. We have the option of choosing how we respond to any given situation or change in our lives. Take the time to look at this closer is an important habit to cultivate.

2. Allow the emotions, thoughts and feelings to BE. They do not need to be changed, they only need to be acknowledged and accepted in the moment. Because ultimately, they too will change. Remember that pesky Heraclitus? "The Only Constant in Life is Change." Mark (apparently my new best buddy), mentioned in his book that happiness is connected with our ability to embrace the negative experiences in our lives. Not to say that all change is negative, but what is striking is that our greatest moments of growth can come from the negative experiences we are willing to embrace on a daily basis.

3. Let Go! (in order to be guided). Yes a quote from Mark again: "Certainty is the enemy of growth." When we are certain and feel we know the answer, there is a pretty good chance we are not stretching ourselves or allowing options to emerge organically. So letting go and being willing to listen to the next steps and ideas that come our way is priceless in learning and growing through change.

4. Finally, Go Pro each day. Gosh I have so many teachers on my journey and Marie Forleo is currently one of them. I wish I could have coffee with her for just 10 minutes, just wanted to put that out there! Anyway, one thing she says on MarieTV and B-School is "Go Pro." Meaning when you are going out in the world, saying things like, I do not know what I am doing, will people really like me or I am doing this right, that you put all this aside and go out there and do it like a Pro! Do it your own way and make a splash. This is how we learn and grow and this is how change truly changes us.

So with that - go out there and embrace the change that is in you life right now. Experience it, Let it be, Let go and Go pro! Try these ideas on the next time change comes into your world, because as our friend Heraclitus said, "The Only Constant in Life is Change."

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, if you have a moment, share a comment below this post on some of your ideas that make change that much easier for you.

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As always thank you for reading and engaging! Awareness is the key and as I am starting to quote myself saying, "Your Voice is the Wisest in the Room, Listen to YOU."


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