Tic, Tic, BOOM! Finding the Calm in the Busy

3 Steps to Dismantling the Busy Bomb Before It Explodes

As June comes to its final weeks, I am reminded of our theme, Busyness. WOW has this been a theme for my weeks throughout June, how about you? I can feel my attention and energy has been in this space and within it I have had the choice to determine how I interact, respond and live within my own busyness.

The other night as I was winding down for the day, I realized that there is a thermometer in my body that let's me know that the busy bomb is ticking. The area that let's me know is my neck. As I looked closer at this realization, it has always been my neck. The difference is now I am willing to listen, before I was just interested in bypassing this feeling so I could get it all done. Then I paid the price.

I am betting that you also have an area in your body that let's you know how you are doing with the busy of your daily life. And when this area is not listened to, it sure let's us know with pain or some sort of flag that gives a few warnings before saying, "No more." Then we find ourselves either sick, tired or in pain.

As many of you know I love reading. This reminds me of a quote I found in When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté that rings true in realizing the body let's us know how we are doing with the busy.

“The higher the level of economic development, it seems, the more anesthetized we have become to our emotional realities. We no longer sense what is happening in our bodies and cannot therefore act in self-preserving ways. The physiology of stress eats away at our bodies not because it has outlived its usefulness but because we may no longer have the competence to recognize its symbols."

So as my neck tightens and I find it tics like a bomb. Like the quote above expresses, our competence for recognizing the body's signals is essential to our health physically and emotionally. As I take a moment to dismantle the busy bomb for myself through the communication in my neck, I find that there are three steps I follow in order to dismantle your own busy bomb:

Step #1: Stop and Take a Break

Stopping the mind and body in the moment of feeling the ticking of the busyness brings about a significant shift. The inertia of continuing to follow the path of busyness is tempting but only snowballs that much more if it continues. When we give ourselves permission to stop and take a break, we find the space to listen and make a shift so we do not end up sick or in pain.

Step #2: Listen and Be Curious

Take that time to really listen and notice what area of your body is indicating that it is time to slow down. As this juncture, it may not be possible to change directions right away, but being curious about the area and what it may be telling you is the most vital. The body knows when we are either listening or when we are not. It will give you the signal, just be curious enough to find it.

Step #3: Movement and Shift

What do you do about it when you find it? My biggest suggestion is to MOVE - simple mindful movements makes a world of difference and shifts the energy in moments. If you need some help in this area, check out My YouTube Channel where you can find movement that can be done in just a few minutes within your day.

You have the choice to make the shift for yourself in any moment. It takes awareness, curiosity and consistency to determine what the best approach is for you. See how these three steps work for you.

Need some support? I have an upcoming Workshop on August 1st from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I would like to invite you to. This workshop brings together movement, mindfulness and energy is one afternoon. You can take a moment and gift yourself the time to cultivate your own awareness, curiosity and consistency for YOU. Consider joining me by clicking on the image below to register.

The investment is just $20!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope to connect with you soon.

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