From Pressure to Power

Mindfully choosing what is meaningful to you. A few questions and steps to find meaningful moments in your life.

I am honored to be featuring my best friend, Melinda as my guest blogger. Melinda and I have been friends since Kindergarten and have been through it all together. Each day we type to one another, the other day she had such powerful words, I asked her to create a post to share her deep wisdom. So here you go - I hope you enjoy the read.

When big life events are unfolding, it’s human nature to seek meaning in all of the pieces and parts that will come to be. However, about a month ago I had a powerful revelation. My wedding is a few months away and I found myself to be under pressure in search of meaningful pieces for this day. The noise in my mind circled round and round with thoughts of an heirloom piece of jewelry I would wear, or a guest coming that would ‘make my day extra special’ or even a flower that would represent someone and so on.

But on this day, as I drove home, a message came to me.  I decide what is meaningful on this day. It’s my wedding day. And I have the power to say “this is what I choose to be truly meaningful to Me.”

With that very statement, the love I feel for my fiance came rushing in and I thought of my vows. Saying my vows to him will be the absolute most meaningful part of this day. My heart instantly filled with so much joy and love, I began to cry. I cried tears of relief. I no longer felt this enormous pressure to seek out meaning from all of these external sources to try to reinforce the meaning of this day. What is meaningful to me are the words I will say to him and the promises we will make to one another. I kept crying, but now the tears were from happiness. As I reached the front door and saw him standing there waiting to greet me, the feelings of excitement for our special day returned.

"I felt free."

So how can we be mindful of what we're attaching meaning to? How can we separate out our very own internal noise and open ourselves up to what is truly significant? How can we turn pressure into power?

I believe the first step is this: Fill your mind with something you're worrying about right now. What is ruminating in your mind over and over? What can't you let go of? What is it you feel you 'have' to do, to have or to be?

When you've really isolated this point of pressure, ask yourself: Why does it matter so much? Why am I placing so much energy and pressure on this one thing? Be honest with yourself as to where this is coming from and decide. Decide if it really and truly matters to you.

This moment is your opportunity to Choose the answer to- What do I want to be meaningful to me?

Discovering this answer will reveal your truth and the root of your heart. Where there is truth, there is power. Live yours.

We determine what is significant to us. Revelations like this continue to make us stop and think about what is truly meaningful amidst the noise in life. By taking a step back and honestly evaluating what it is that we are placing meaning on; we find the internal truth that says; I get to decide. You see, it’s not our ability to see meaning, but rather what we choose to attach meaning to, that truly determines who we are. This is one of the beautiful things that makes each of us both unique and extraordinary. 

Today, take a step back and decide for yourself. What do I choose to be meaningful in my life and what is just noise...

As always thank you for reading, have a beautiful day!


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