HOCUS FOCUS: How to Shift Your Focus To YOU!

A QUICK Self-Quiz To See If You Are Ready To Take Action

I remember the day my journey of coming home to ME began. It began exactly 14 years ago when I opened the crisp pages of Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth. It was like looking through a keyhole of a big solid door that I had been standing at for years. There was this secret garden that was all for me on the other side. I could create all that I wanted to see by cultivating a greater awareness of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

HOWEVER, I had been standing at this door with so many emotions and feelings that held me in my own limited comfort zone and I never even saw the door.

Here were just a few of my emotions, perhaps you can relate…

Fear – I remembering feeling fear in my heart each morning that I woke up. Fearful that the life I had would fall apart before my eyes at any moment. That is what I believed. The bottom always falls out is the way that I operated. I had many things to celebrate in my life, but somehow the grass was always greener somewhere else.

Anger – So many mornings I can remember going to work after a big argument with my boyfriend at the time. Our communication skills were rudimentary, and I found myself always running from confrontation at all costs. My stomach would be in knots, I would have a hard time concentrating and, in my mind, the “story” of victim was on replay. It was kind of like when that song plays and you cannot get it out of your head no matter how hard you try.

Confusion – I kept being pulled to service, but it felt like the service I was in was not quite the fit. It felt good to help others with home repairs, transportation and yard work AND there was something more. I was trying to figure it out and found myself confused each time. I had so many talks with myself about what “I should be doing” rather than what my heart was calling me to do. I ignored this so well that finding that voice of my inner self seemed impossible with this kind of confusion.

So, after reading this book, I found myself reading many more books and enrolling in so many programs and leadership courses it is hard to keep count. I learned so much from these courses and opportunities AND at the same time I was frustrated. Each time, I would be in a euphoric state feeling so clear and understanding the journey when I was in the middle of the course/program. However, once it was over, it felt like I was back to square one. I felt like I should have arrived. Like I suddenly “should” be some sort of guru and did not have to continue working on myself. I wanted to be “there” and able to handle the outside circumstances with grace and ease. So another course would come and there I was back in the cycle.

Honestly, this mindset has only shifted recently because I started a business, Soaring Eagle Healing. I started this business because my heart spoke loudly, and I was starting to FINALLY listen. In my business, I am passionate about helping others with their current mindset, body image and their own manifestations because I AM interested in the very same thing. After writing this sentence, if I look back at all the teachers in those courses, they too were on a journey of self-discovery, curiosity and a sincere authentic excitement about sharing. What I realized in this process of building this business as I enter my 2nd year, IS THIS…


So what?

Here is my question.

If you are on this journey of discovery and are ready to really embrace you that much more – I am HERE with you!

What if you could step into a whole new relationship with yourself in May?

Would you take the first step?

I believe there are three things in this world that you can attach to any of your “wants” and “desires.” Are you ready?




Take a moment, think about what you want or have been wanting. If you boil it down, I can guarantee that it will fit under one of these areas. Congrats! This means you have a compass that can keep you going in your own direction on the wants and desires that you know to be true for you.

So what? Maybe you have taken the first steps in your journey, maybe you have been on your journey for a long time and enjoy all that you have discovered. What I have learned, and I am here to cheer you on is this - There is always more!!

I believe we are in the midst of a new way of life right now. Do you agree?

We are ascending into something unknown and quite exciting!

So, what do you want to see for yourself? I am not talking what you want for other people, the world, or your pets, I am talking about what if you could step into a new relationship with you right now?

What would be different?

Would you pay closer attention to your thoughts because “Having is Evidence of Wanting?”

Would you go deeper into finding ways to quiet your mind and listen to your body?

Would you move your body more just for the pleasure?

Would you explore the busyness that surrounds you and determine what is most important to you?

Take a moment and see what feels true for you with this Quick Self-Quiz:

I AM happy with all I HAVE.


I FEEL comfortable and secure in my body.


I HAVE a practice or habit that energizes me.


I MOVE my body for the pure pleasure.


Are any of those answers FALSE? Guess what!! The good news is this, you have the power and the choice to change any of these answers at any moment.

Maybe you are not ready right now, but maybe YOU ARE.

If you are ready to change any of these areas and want to continue your journey of curiosity and discover of YOU, I'm currently accepting applications for my 90-Day Group Program, Take Flight. This program focuses on the mindset you may be stuck in, the self-sabotaging language you continue to use with your body and the real manifestations that are your deepest desires and wants.

The Take Flight Program will begin mid-May 2020 and end mid-July 2020! You can have a whole new relationship with yourself and it can start right now.

Once you apply I will be in contact to chat about your desires and wants!

Click Here to Apply!


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