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The Three Ways of a Ninja

Each and every night, my boys (including the dog) come together to read our latest book. We have enjoyed all sorts of different tales and find it is such a great opportunity to connect and be transported to another time and place.

Our last book was one of the Magic Treehouse series, which are packed with all sorts of adventures for the two main characters Annie and her brother Jack. This particular book was filled with fun and the mystery of ninjas. During the adventure, I found myself being transported to the scene of the mountain wilderness where Jack and Annie meet a Ninja Master. Ninjas, I imagine, or those I have seen, in mostly kiddo movies (as you can imagine), seem very calm, cool, and collected as they explain the ways of life. In this case, the Ninja Master was explaining the three ways of the ninja that Jack and Annie could use in their latest adventure. It changed their perspective on how to approach their circumstances.

So maybe I was a ninja in another life, wouldn’t that have been fun! AND, at the same time, I find this message of the ways of the ninja to bring a feeling of calm, cool, and collected to experiencing life as it is right now. I feel it raised my vibration as I practiced each one over the past few weeks. Everyone’s experience of the present moment is different, something that can be said no matter what is happening in the world right now. I believe it rings truer right now, as we move through what COVID-19 means for our lives individually and our lives as a collective.

The vibrations we individually carry contribute to the collective and move us forward. The three ways of the ninja provide a wonderful tool to raise your own vibration for you and for the world. They are a tool that brings forth the calm, cool, and collective nature of the ninja. Give it a try and see if it resonates for you, be curious and keep strengthening your own awareness muscle.

The Three Ways of a Ninja

The Way of a Ninja #1 - Use Nature

Use nature to call in your own calm, cool and collected way of being. Explore your fears, desires and dreams. Use nature as your guide.

The Way of a Ninja #2 - Be Nature

Be nature in your meditation, be nature in your reactions, be nature in your planning and be nature in your perspectives.

The Way of a Ninja #3 - Follow Nature

Follow nature can be the expression of following your own heart. Listen instead of control. Listen to your heart and find your way from a different perspective.

Take a moment and see if these resonate with you. Use them, Be them, Follow them. I believe the words use, be and follow contribute to strengthening your awareness muscle and being curious about who you are. Perhaps take these three ways and incorporate them in your meditations. Need a little help doing that, join the 7 Day Meditation Challenge today and practice with your inner ninja.

If you are curious about strengthening your awareness muscle and raising your vibration that much higher, schedule a Spark Session with me, we will dive into your dreams, desires and fears to uncover what raises your vibration and help you to be the best version of you.

No matter what, continue to be curious about you! You are magic and are creating your very own story of adventure, fun and love.


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