I feel a Chaannngggeee comin' over me!

March is an interesting month for me. Is it for you? It is like the realities of the New Year have set in and the real work is beginning.

Recently, I decided it was time to write a mission statement for Soaring Eagle Healing. This was a little bit more difficult than I expected and I had some realizations that have brought me back to why I started this business. It is about Change, it is change for me and most importantly, it is about change for those I serve through Reiki, and Dancing Mindfulness (more coming soon to my website once I am certified).


The mission statement that arose was this, "Healing Through Awareness."

Let me tell a bit of story here to explain how I got there...

So change is hard right. It is hard on our body, it is hard on our minds, and it can be hard on our spirits. However, change is happening all the time and all around us. It can also be exhilarating and creative! So over the past few weeks, my body and mind have been in a different space than I am used to. I found myself in a state of confusion, frustration and worry. Some of my habits like getting up to exercise did not happen at all, I could not get the energy together to make it happen. As I accepted this in the moment, I began to hear a voice that let me know that this was a BIG shift and a change happening. It was not only a change in my energy, but an actual shift in how my body and mind function forever from that point forward. It was like the discomfort and the uneasiness were happening in order to reveal a higher state of me. What I can say looking back is, awareness is what saved me during these moments that turned into a few weeks. All I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and sleep, but something kept pushing me to work through it. It was the CHANGE that kept me motivated. The exhilaration knowing I had the opportunity to change my reality and the creativity that this brought about.

I then started to ask myself this..."What is this 'discomfort/challenge/fill in the blank' teaching me in this moment?"

Thinking about this more in-depth I have realized that I place a lot of pressure on myself to do all the ideas that pop in my own head right then and there. Some of these ideas are great and should be pursued but some are just my ego trying to knock me off track. So many ideas and so little time to do them all, is a common space I live in. It is really quite overwhelming and anxious on this planet I created for myself. With this deeper dive into me, as I think about what Soaring Eagle means to me - "Healing Through Awareness," I come back to my very own awareness through this important change in my life. In an article in "Massage Bodywork" magazine, I found this aspect of awareness very helpful to further help me understand my story above. The authors Heath and Nicole Reed wrote, "Often our bodies are expressing our truth long before our mind knows or understands what's happening." My release and feelings over the past week have brought me to this moment, where it seems my mind has now caught up.

It has caught up to the fact that - I have come to the top priorities in my Reiki practice. This includes: Reiki Treatments, Reiki Teaching and Dancing Mindfulness. I feel that all these elements have a beautiful combination of awareness, that I am so excited to share with others interested. I want more people to feel relaxation, connection and movement on their journeys and I am ready to serve!

What changes are you going through right now? Is there a way to listen closely to your partner in this world, your body, to learn something even deeper in this space? Is there someone you can talk to about what you may be working through?

My awareness in this moment tells me that we are all equipped to handle change with ease and grace. It is just a matter of our perspective on how we feel when that song starts playing in our mind..."I feel a CHANNNNGGGEEE comin' over me."

Embrace the change!

Side note: The song I reference above is an awesome song to dance to called, "I Feel a Change" by Charles Bradley. Check it out if you have a moment and as always thanks for reading this week!


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