Intentions the Magic and Science

3 Steps to create a powerful intention for yourself.

Intentions are a significant part of how I begin a healing session with Reiki.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about intentions. Intentions, like our thoughts and emotions, shape our days and create what we see in front of us. Essentially, they make up our life. As I have been exploring this further I have come to a conclusion of sorts that there is a little bit of science and a little bit of magic involved in intention setting.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they call or you run into them at the store? Or you have thought it would be wonderful if (fill in the blank) and a few moments or days later it happens? Is this science or is this there something more?

I went into a Reiki session recently where I felt pretty solid that Reiki was all about intentions and the science was simple. If focus is placed in a specific direction then the healing would take place, but truthfully upon further realization it is not that automatic. As I chatted with my client about my thoughts, she surprised me by saying something along the lines of, "it is okay if there is some mystery and magic to it, it makes it more fun." As I thought more about this bit of wisdom she imparted on me, I suddenly felt that there are both parts to intentions. One part is science and the other part is a little magic.

The Science

The research has indicated that intentions can be tracked by specific focus in one direction. For example, when a big event in the world occurs like 9/11 or the death of Princes Diana, an experiment called the Global Coherence Project (running for the last 20 years), tracks the numbers. They track the numbers through something called Random Number Generators (RNGs) that create sequences of unpredictable ones and zeroes. There are currently RNGs in 70 locations around the world.

At these highly eventful and emotional times, the numbers line up in sequences that are more predictable. The odds are a trillion to one against it happening by chance. Ultimately, this experiment reveals that human consciousness and mind power can have some impact on the physical world. It tells us that something is happening, however at the same time it does not reveal what is exactly happening.

This experiment provides pretty strong evidence that the mind and consciousness has power. It is like being on a hike and not knowing where you would like to go. Okay, sometimes that is fun allowing the journey to unfold. However, there are other times when we want to head to a beautiful lake or come to a point of interest to overlook the vistas. Well the intentions making this a reality are what is going to get us there.

The Magic

Your friend calling when you were thinking of them a few minutes ago, or the appearance of an answer to a problem after asking for an answer is at the same time, quite magical. Additionally, the mystery of how Reiki (read more about the History of Reiki) came to Usui those days on the top of the mountain so long ago is amazing and gives proof that as Buddha said,

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

As my client so beautifully pointed out, science is helpful to explain how something works, however there is also a feeling of the unknown that brings in a little bit of magic.

If you are ready to create some intentions of your own read on....

Please note: setting intentions can be about tangible or physical things, and intentions can also incorporate a feeling or a state of being that one would like to achieve.

Here are 3 Steps to make powerful intentions for yourself and create the life you would like to see right in front of you.

There is no way to do intention setting wrong, remember your mind is powerful and if you look back you can see that most of what you have thought about is right in front of you like a mirror. So with that what do you want to create moving forward into today, this month or this year?

Get ready to set a intention for yourself today:

Intention Setting Step 1: Gratitude First

Take a moment to either think about or write down all that you are grateful for in this moment. As you write this list or think about it, really feel the emotions that are connected to these thoughts of gratitude. Maybe even place your hand on your heart to further feel this and be in the moment with your gratitude.

Intention Setting Step 2: Release Limited Beliefs

Take a moment to center yourself and just check in. This can be in a few seconds or you can take more time in a little bit of a meditation. Are there thoughts that have been limiting for you? Have you been telling yourself a story that does not align with what you would like to see in your life? Take a moment and clear this. Clearing can be done by thinking about the beliefs that are cycling in your mind or you can write them down. After revealing these beliefs, take a few moments to breath and feel how these thoughts manifest in your mind, body and spirit. Let the emotions come and then LET THEM GO. If it helps, visualize the limited beliefs you have falling to the ground. Take a deep breath and keep this in your practice. This can be done daily, in the moment or at specific times that something is holding you back from creating the life and the experiences you want.

Intention Setting Step 3: Create a Intention

Consult the Mind, Body and Spirit. Take a piece of paper and literally write what comes to mind RIGHT NOW. Do not take lots of time to think. Let it out and let your heart speak. Maybe it comes out as a sentence, a paragraph or maybe you have lots to write. Keep going until you feel you are done. Read what you have written and find the few words or sentence that expresses your intention. Rewrite them into a sentence that you can work with easily. Determine the time frame for this intention. If it is for the day - maybe keep it on a sticky note in your office space or car (if you travel around during the day) to remind yourself of this. If it is for the month, write it in erasable marker on your mirror in the bathroom or have it on the fridge in the kitchen. Each day you will see it and be able to feel the emotions and feelings attached to this intention. No matter the timeline remember to check in. Has the intention unfolded? How? Does it need more time to become a reality? What other intentions bubble up because of this one? There is no right or wrong, the sky is the limit.

I wish you well on this journey of intention setting, keep being curious and allowing for the next one to be revealed. As I have said in many of my posts and seems to be something that is an intention for me is "You are the WISEST voice in the room, LISTEN to you!"

"You are the WISEST voice in the room, LISTEN to you!"

Give it a try. And remember if you feel you would like some help, let's schedule a Reiki session (schedule here) and you can experience the power of intentions mixed with a little science and a little magic.

As always thank you for reading.

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