Laugh, Sing and DANCE!

The trifecta of breath, joy and love in our lives!

For my birthday, in December, I had a laughing yoga teacher come and do a session with me and two of my most favorite people in the world.

What I learned in this session was that laughing yoga, is not like yoga when it comes to poses and flowing through downward dog. What laughing yoga is, is an opportunity to give your body so much more oxygen and movement in muscles that we do not use daily if we are not laughing. It was exceptionally fun and I would recommend it to anyone!

Laughing is such wonderful medicine and there is lots of research out there that gives examples of why.... As December began I had a series of days that I had a pretty good headache that I was working with. My co-worker and I were working on a project and it involved drawing. Well, without a lot of details, I made something that looked so funny, I laughed until I cried, and it felt SOOOOO good. Well from that point forward my headache was gone. Hummmm - isn't that fun!

What this awesome teacher also explained is that the same muscles, endorphins and oxygen increase can be attributed to, not only laughing, but also singing and dancing. Thinking about this as she worked with us, I realized I do feel the good vibes begin to enter my body as I just hear the music. Whenever I sing in the car there is something that shifts within my body. BUT the biggest shift is DANCE for me - I LOVE DANCING! My two favorite people in the world can attest to this. Whenever there is a beat, I am with it moving and swaying. Sometimes jumping around and just getting fully into it. There would be evenings my two friends would be standing by at the local place of choice, either dancing with me or watching as I completely lost myself in the movement. Back then, I would say there was a bit of liquid courage involved but as I enter into 2019, it is all about the DANCE!!

So over the past few years I have been researching and looking for a place to dance. Adult classes are a bit harder to find, and as one of my friends recently told me, I may have to abandon the internet search and talk to folks to find it. Well I took this advice, as well as the excitement another friend expressed at a Body Mandala class and I FOUND IT! The short video below, shows a type of dance called "Dancing Mindfulness."

Dancing Mindfulness was developed by Dr. Jamie Marich. It is an opportunity to follow a creative path of healing and transformation. All I can say is, "I am in love, inspired and feel my creative juices flowing!!!!"

I am pleased to announce I am working to be trained in Dancing Mindfulness and will be incorporating this into Soaring Eagle Healing in 2019. Stay tuned to see this addition and come dance with me!

With all this said my big question for you is...

What is your creative outlet? Are you expressing it now? Is there some way to express it now or in the future?

Go for it! Find that which speaks to you and LIVE IT with all you've got.

Much love to you on this journey and as always thanks for reading!

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