Lessons from the Beach

Life at the Beach can offer several lessons and ways to look at our emotions and thoughts....

My family and I had the awesome opportunity to spend two weeks on a little island in Florida for Spring Break. We visit this lovely place each year, which allows for relaxation and connection for all of us. We swim, we build sand castles, we fish, we sleep, we play games, we walk (a lot – as there are no cars there) and we paddle the bay and the gulf. If you have ever spent any time on or near a beach, I am sure you have experienced the change in the beach each day.

Each day, as we gathered all our chairs, sand toys and towels, we head down to the beach where the formation of the beach changed, and the weather is always a little different than the moment before. The tide may be high, it may be low, the waves may be crashing, or they might be just a whisper. The wind may be rocking, or it may be calm and have no movement at all. Experiencing these changes daily, made it feel, to me, like the days of my own life and the moments within my mind.

One day….

-The tide may be high – My emotions, thoughts and my to do list run away with me.


-The tide may be low – There is a little bit of calm and less to worry or ponder.


-The waves could be crashing – There is anger or confusion or worry swirling and rolling through my mind.


-The waves are just a whisper – I feel as though there is not a care in the world.


-The wind may be rocking – My inner compass of where I am going is being blown all over and I am a little lost at sea.


-The wind is not even there – My sails are folded, and I am just going with the flow.

So many ways to spend the moments of my days. One thing we know for sure is that there is continuous change and movement in our lives. Accepting the change of the beach and the change within me each day was profound and kind of like an adventure.

Such is our every day - an adventure awaiting us.

We can approach our day with a sense of trust and non-judgement. We can adjust and create ANYTHING we want with the sands that shift in each moment within emotions and thoughts.

Soaring Eagle Healing is here for you to continue to explore your awareness and those sands that continuously change for you. What are they telling you? The idea of Reiki in Motion is the essence of all I offer. Visit the Packages page of My Website and you will see how we can craft any opportunity for you on your own journey through the sands of time.

Affirmation: “I flow with the ever-changing beach – that is my life. Each day I am excited to see what emerges from my creativity, passion, love and gratitude.”

Namaste to you and thank you for always reading!


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