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Mala Making and Meaning 101. Learn how to make, care for and use your Mala.

Malas are tools for awareness, healing, creating intentions and a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear.

This past week, Abbie Williams, Suzanne Rainey and myself held our very first Mindful Creations Workshop (Saturday, June 8th, 2019). We decided to combine mala (aka prayer beads) making, yoga, dance and focused on intentions. Each of us brought our gifts to this event and had a great experience with our participants. We had so much fun we are planning another event coming up on September 14th, 2019 - Sign up today here.

Abbie Williams (above pictured in purple during our workshop), of Abbie's Mindful Creations, was our wonderful teacher and mala guru! Her patience, passion and spirit guided us through the process.

The post this week is written by Abbie giving us a Mala Making and Meaning 101. No matter if you are new to Malas or have spent some time with your own prayer beads (malas), you are sure to get some great new information and understanding.

Read on from Abbie here...

Malas Are...

Malas are a sacred beautiful piece of art. Malas are infused with positive energies, healing properties and intentions. They are often made with gemstone(s) that represents specific qualities that encourage us, guide us and help us along our day to day paths. There are 108 beads on a mala prayer bead necklace. Each part of a mala represents something special, spiritual and sacred. In between each bead is a knot, which is tied with love, positive energy and intentions/affirmations. Because of this process as you are creating your mala, it can be a very meditative as you mindfully focus on your beautiful creation. The guru bead represents oneness and the tassel represents all the teachers in your life. This mindful and spiritual process all combined is what makes a mala a unique and sacred piece of art.

Malas can be used to chant a mantra, for praying, worn as a piece of jewelry, and held closely for the intentions.

Every Mala is Different...

Every mala is unique in its own way and there are no two malas that will ever be the same. Why? Because if you make two of the same designed malas (same gemstone, same guru bead, same color of tassel), chances are that your 108 intentions (knots) that you tie into your mala, the thoughts you are thinking and in what order while you are making your mala are different, and your energy, feelings, emotions, etc… are more than likely different as well with each and every mala you create.

How to care for and use your Mala...

To use your mala, it is important that you respect, treasure and cherish the powerful abilities that it carries. Therefore, we don’t want to put our malas on the ground or take them into the bathroom. The gemstones that a mala is made with, absorb negative energies and we don’t want to carry that negative energy around with us. If you are using your mala for chanting, praying or meditating, we want to use our thumb and other fingers (except for the pointer finger which represents the ego) to glide along each mala bead as we chant for up to 108 times (beads).

After using or wearing your mala, you may want to cleanse, bless, energize, and charge your mala. This helps rid your mala of any negative energies that its absorbed and you can accomplish this process by smudging your mala with sage, palo santo’s sticks, a charging plate, selenite, under a full moon, whatever works for you. This will bring your mala back to its original properties so that you can benefit from this mindfully crafted and beautiful sacred piece of art that you created.

How to I sign up to Make My very own Mala?

By now you may be wondering how you can create your very own mala. Well, we provide a mindful creations workshop where all the supplies and instructions are provided for you, to design and create your very own mala that you get to take home with you. The workshop is an opportunity for you to focus on what you have going on in your life, what you want/need to let go of and what you want to create and attract into your life. It’s a great time for reflection and awareness. There will be designated times for a guided meditation, dancing mindfulness as well as yoga, so there will be movements built in to the process. As we know in life, it helps to step away from something and then come back to it with a clear mind. We will practice just that. And you get to walk away with something that you created with intentions, mindfulness, patience and is very near and dear to your very own heart.

Thank you to Abbie again for her passion and love to share this sacred art of creating a Mala especially for designed for you and by you. If you are interested in attending our next Mindful Creations Workshop, register here for Saturday, September 14th, 2019 from 11am - 5:30pm in Arvada (lunch is included). If you have any questions please contact me and I can help or connect you with Abbie for more information.

Again - thank you for reading. I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 21st! Take care and hope to see you at a Dancing Mindfulness Class, Mindful Creations Workshop or a Reiki session in the future.

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