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Compassion, Connection and Courage.

The mind is an interesting place to be and perhaps get lost in. I have found the practice of mindfulness shifting for me. I suddenly realize that it is not about changing something - it is about being "the watcher." if you are a Marvel fan. or even simpler, being aware of the moment to moment happenings.

One example I have continued to contemplate - I would love to share with you!

As I watched my children play with a train set over the holidays, there were many dynamics at play. There was a factor of generations coming together and personalities connecting. As I watched and became aware of the scene, I noticed some family members telling my boys when a train was off the track and what they needed to do. My 6-year-old, took this all in stride and was not phases by, what seems to me as, their constant correction. His play was still the same, he enjoyed every moment. My 9-year-old, on the other hand, had a harder time with it all. He was trying to play but found the commentary hard to handle and ended up giving up quite a few times.

I worked to keep the judgement out of what I felt as I watched this scene unfold. For me, I saw that my mind went to my childhood and examples of perhaps when I saw my perspectives challenged and my courage of how I wanted to move forward in a situation questioned. In this instance - the mindfulness portion of awareness helped me to put a finger on the emotions and also to feel compassion for my two boys. I was able to connect in this scenario with love and compassion for how they each were feeling.

Playing with a train set may seem innocent and perhaps we hope that no strings are attached. But as I stated at the beginning, the mind is an interesting thing. As the play or circumstances in our lives happen, we begin to associate different emotions, beliefs and values to them. Each person is different - I cannot say how my boys actually felt because I did not ask or press further, but my awareness of how I felt revealed some things for me.

What was revealed was a feeling that I created over the years, I should always be cautious of my decisions and make sure others agree with me before moving forward. I have seen this one come back to me as I am cultivating Soaring Eagle Healing, a business I am passionate about and I excited about being a long-term opportunity to support me and my family. As I released my new website in January 2019, and began to talk to more folks about Reiki, I have come to realize that I do not need approval on my decisions. There are times that feedback and discussion is important from others that love me, but sometimes it is okay to let the commentary from others come and go. What matters is we believe in ourselves.

Ultimately, I have begun to find the courage to move forward with the messages from my heart.

So with this, I take this notion back to the story about the train. Cultivating opportunities for our kids to strengthen inner courage in themselves and their decisions is BIG. There are times I catch myself contributing constant commentary to what my boys may be doing. I have become aware, due to the example during the holidays, of when I may be engaging in this behavior. So how do we go about changing this behavior and modeling something different to our kiddos, our family, our colleagues and ourselves? Well again, and I feel like I will say this many times in this space of expression, our awareness of the situations, feelings and thoughts is key to change. Knowing that this is a path I take on occasion, I can stop on the path and determine if I really need to tell my kiddos what to do or if I can let them play. To me this means, is what they are doing going to compromise their safety? If not, I have found moments where I can bite my tough and ultimately work to not interfere or criticize the way they see the world and how they interact with it.

I want to cultivate connection, creativity, courage, love and compassion. In a world full of criticism and confusion, being able to call on our own instinct and trust our decisions, makes a BIG difference!

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