Mountain Woman

Does it make me a Mountain Woman just because I am living in the mountains?

As my family and I have had the adventure of living in the hills for exactly one year – I can say that I was excited to become a Mountain Woman. To me at the time of the move, this meant waking up in the morning breathing the fresh air, looking out the window and seeing trees all around me and somehow this all would make me different in some way. Well perhaps part of me is growing into this, but as I live up here each month longer, I feel a profound pull to something more to become more than my definition.

As I have grown into this opportunity, I feel the need to really flow with my heart and let go of some of the things that are not serving me. Sometimes I feel this may be my job and the stress that I allow there to be – however, I think it is more of the attitude. No matter where I work or if I have my own business, there will still be stress. The way I work with it, move with it and through it is the important piece. There is no way that being a mountain woman can make the stress disappear. However, the communion with this place I live now, can bring peace and be mindful of my breath each time it comes in and goes out.

Funny story, that may point to a different definition than I had when I first started of being a Mountain Woman...

My hubby and I were getting ready for New Years Eve and were going to celebrate at the Lake where they do ice skating and fireworks. We were excited even though the weather was a bit cool – a balmy negative 5 degrees. However, we decided we are mountain people and we can bundle up and make this work. So there we went into the truck with all our gear. We laughed as we drove down our hill, that I am becoming a mountain woman (meaning in that moment that I could roll with the weather and be prepared for anything). Well during the drive, I realized I had many layers on but one that was missing was my big coat. My hubby, who always has back up stuff in the truck was not fazed, but did have a good laugh at me. He is, by the way, a Mountain Man. He is always ready for anything, his friends love to have him on camping trips because he can make anything a reality and he loves nature with all his being. Well that evening I did not have my favorite coat, but I did make due with a warm coat my husband had in his truck.

What strikes me now about this experience, is that becoming a Mountain Woman for me does not have a definition at all, instead it is a just simply BECOMING. It means finding who I am, coming closer to the me that has always been and accepting the challenges and joy along the way. Well – the adventure continues and makes me smile as I work to embrace the new me that seems to be “changing from the inside out.”

What are you beginning to discover about yourself? Just like my inner "Mountain Woman," what is your inner self yearning to express in this life? Become aware, listen and embrace all that is today. There is so much more to express.

~Keep moving along to discover and be aware of your true self - it has been there all along and will continue to reveal itself if you truly listen.~


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