"Nailed It"

Are there any lessons in a baking show? I think so.

This weekend, we did not have a lot to do and it was wonderful! Don't you just love those weekends, nothing to do specifically and no where to go if you do not feel like it.

While at home, with our newly found Netflix, thanks to some friends (you know who you are), we discovered a Netflix original called "Nailed it." It is a baking show, which you could say I get sucked into really easily and I love them so much. Baking Championship, Top Chef, Kids Baking Championship, Chopped, you name it, if it has food and cooking involved, I am so in! So needless to say, when my son ran across this show at a friend's house at the beginning of the weekend, we knew Saturday morning was all about a little bit of a binge to continue watching the show. The show is about bakers, who love to bake, but are not the best at it. Their works of art do not come out that great in looks department but seem to taste good most of the time. Well that is me 100%, I bake a lot, especially in the winter, and sometimes things come out good and sometime they do not. I enjoy it nonetheless.

Well as I thought about this show, it is so much about my journey and perhaps others can relate to it too. You are given an example, a recipe in the case of "Nailed It" and told to go ahead and get it done. Well, sometimes we get it "right" and sometimes it looks "different" and may be our own interpretation. Actually, if I think about it most of the time it looks "different" and "different" is okay. It may even be better than "right" because whose right is it? A chef that has been working with chocolate for 25 years? Our sister who thinks we should not have added that detail there? Our 2nd grade teacher who thought our drawing was "different?"

Yes, there are those that help us along the way and we are very grateful. The most wonderful part of it all is we are given the recipe (our life) and the rest is up to us. We get to work with the cake, with the chocolate and the fondant to create a work of art, our very own LIFE with our very own JOURNEY.

One thing I know for absolute certain is:

Everyone's version of their life is needed in this world. Have fun and make it your own.

What are the ingredients in your life? What can you create with what you have in the pantry right now?

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