New Years Beginnings

Three Steps to get Started on Your Intentions/Goals! "When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off."

As the New Year begins, many people, including myself, have exciting new intentions and goals to bring forth. 2020 holds these in the unwritten pages of each day and I am excited to get started. As I think about my intentions and goals, I am reminded of a sutra (complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence provided by Yogi Bhajan) in the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age. This sutra reads, "When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off." This keeps ringing in my mind as I get back from the holidays. I begin to entering back into the everyday routines and settle into Soaring Eagle Healing and some new offerings.

I feel like we can be so excited with our intentions and goals, as we are in the relaxed state of the holidays. However, once this ends, as we go back to work or we are ready to get started on these goals, we freeze. I know that I feel that in this moment. I am excited, yet am confused and anxious about how to get started. I am suddenly ready for 2021 so I can see how it all came together as I look back. I find I am not focusing on the journey to get there but the outcome. Enter in patience, faith and non-striving.

In this moment, I breath deeply and realize I have the choice to make small moves each day that will create the bigger picture as I move forward. I have the power to first listen and then move in order to bring about my intentions and goals into reality. I also believe there is an openness to the path, it does not have to look a certain way. I know that in this time, I will be learning from my journey itself and all is taken care of.

Well here we go, here are Three Steps to START and to realize that "when the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off."

1. Write Your goal/intention down (on anything: a caulk board, a piece of paper, a sticky note). Then hang it up where you can see it.

2. Write 3 actions you can take on this goal/intention in the next few days. Breath and feel into these actions. Which one feels good in your body, mind and spirit?

3. Take action, see how it goes, repeat step 2 until you feel complete for the moment. It may be that you have to set it down for a little bit and go back to each goal/intention (depending upon how many you have).

Repeat 1-3 with your next goals/intentions. Remember you have the power to take small actions on your goals/intentions as the year moves along. Be open and willing to change direction if it seems like there is something different calling you. Your goals/intentions are not set in stone. It does not mean you failed if you tweak them throughout the year. When we are able to listen and watch the signs from the universe we are able to flow and be lead to the path that is ours for the New Year.

Feeling and being in the Energy, Mindfulness and Movement of our path we can continue to START each day to create the vision in front of us. If you would like a little help with your path, reach out to me, we can set up a FREE SPARK SESSION, where we can explore your journey together. I would love to walk beside you and support you in any way I can in this New Year and beyond. Email me or set up a time on my website by clicking on the "Free Spark Session" above.

I wish you Health and Wealth in the New Year!

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