A Reset for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Steps to create a "Reset" for yourself right now.

Sometimes we need a little "Reset" in our life. I recently found myself in the middle of post back to school, wishing it were still summer schedules and worrying about how to fit in all I needed to do in the morning. What hit me was brilliant.

It was time for a reset!

My reset had to do with Mind, Body and Spirit.


I needed a reset in my morning routine. In the summer, I usually workout, walk the dog and meditate all before the boys get up. However, this was proving to be harder with the new school schedule and the less daylight in the morning. My reset was this: I would wake up workout and meditate, THEN walk the dog after the boys were on their way to school. This fix was easy and helped me feel relaxed instead of rushed in the morning. Which, for me, means being able to harness my creative energy for the day.


My mind was on overload and I knew it, but did not know how to snap out of it. The simple thought of a reset helped me focus on the new transition. Rather than worrying about the deck being painted, the party that was upcoming at my house and all the other to dos. My focus suddenly shifted to “what do I need for this reset?” My favorite author, Mario Forelo, explains that getting your brain's RAS (Reticular Activating System) involved can make all the difference. This beautiful system of the brain helps you focus on what you want and it picks up on new messages you are thinking about. Have you ever found that once you buy a car or are thinking about it, that you start to see them all around you? Well that is you RAS.


My spirit has been on the back burner as this change has been building. I have found that when I do not balance these areas of myself, I begin to feel tired, cranky, confused and all I want to do is just head back to bed to put the covers over my head. Well with my reset, I knew it was time to get back into meditation, dance and utilizing Reiki on myself. Realizing I needed to cultivate my spirit and bring it into my daily life again, made all the difference in this area for me.

What does your Reset look like? Is it time for one?

Step 1: Step Back

Think about the balance between the Mind, Body and Spirit for you right now. What percentage are you spending time in each? Is there a balance you would like to see? What is that and what area would you like to start with?

Step 2: Allow the Creativity to Flow

Take each area of the Mind, Body and Spirit and perhaps, like I did above, determine the best option to reset each. What would you like to see in each area? What is an action step that can help you this week determine what is next? Maybe you select one area to start with today.

Step 3: Allow the RAS to take over

Remember that little piece of your brain I mentioned above, the RAS? Well allow it to do its job and begin to bring you all that is needed to make your reset a success. Also just by thinking “Reset,” I guarantee something will shift right now.

As the seasons change, sometimes we are transitioned into our own change. Take a moment and determine your state of mind right now. See if a reset is something that would benefit you. Everything is worth a try.

Remember, “You are the Wisest Voice in the Room, LISTEN.”

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon!

P.S. If you determine that a Reiki Session would be a great way to kick off your very own Reset, please see my website www.soaringeaglehealingco.com and schedule an appointment today.

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