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Read more about why Soaring Eagle Healing was formed. Sometimes it is just fun to reflect and be grateful for how life has unfolded.

In the last few months, I have been working diligently on new ideas for 2020 and finalizing my organizational plan. It has been a journey and there have been many lessons and new ideas coming every day. I found some words I wrote down at the very beginning. These words express why I started this business. I thought I would share this week with you. As the New Year comes into view, 2020 is going to hold some new programs for Soaring Eagle Healing. Thank you for reading and being there for me in this process the whole year through.

More peace, love and joy can only come from what is next!

Why the Soaring Eagle Healing was Formed

I made the commitment to take my dreams seriously. They are mine and I get to determine what I want to see for me! It is going to be challenging, it is going to be fun and it is going to change who I am and how I see the world. My limiting thoughts about my income, my fears, my worries and my playing small are over! I am ready to make money and change the world in the process.

My big word and focus in this work is, “AWARENESS!”

Soaring Eagle Healing’s Mission is “Healing and Creating Through Awareness.”

I am starting this business to serve and empower others on their journey. I want to share my journey and what I have learned in order to inspire and serve. I want to bring healing, awareness and fun to others and myself. I want to increase the fullness of my cup to begin to allow for my service to shine through. I want to walk with others authentically, I want freedom in my job and lots of wonderful time with my family.

It is possible and totally acceptable to follow the dreams of my heart. Even when we feel it is culturally unacceptable. I started by wanting to bring this healing work to older adults and those interested in experiencing the path in their own way. My own journey has revealed so many opportunities through learning, classes, courses, reading and so much more. I have seen how connected, at peace and excited and joyful I am when I am doing the work of my heart. The most exciting part of Reiki for me is to hear about the shifts and movement people have felt due to the work they are doing for themselves.

Soaring Eagle Healing shall exist because the world always needs a little more connection, compassion and courage. In my own Life’s Purpose “A woman with a public message, helping people that are lost through courage and deep wisdom,” there are people I am meant to connect with and perhaps change their lives. Not through ego – but because I served them, heard them and worked with them in order to facilitate a change they pursued on their own accord.

I will bring AWARENESS to the world!

Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving! As always thank you for reading and being there for me in 2019. Always know I am here for you.

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