What does it mean for you? Three practices that bring peace, joy and love.

For me, my spirituality has become priority #1 over the past year. It has been a long journey to this moment of letting you know this news. I started out not knowing exactly how it would unfold. I have found that I like to know the outcome and I usually work to control all the aspects. The discoveries of my own spirituality has been hidden in people and circumstances that really were the messengers of the Universe, my true self, God, spirit (you choose what resonates for you).

The day my journey started with my spirituality is very clear in my mind. At the time, I worked for Volunteers of America. Eckhart Tolle's book, “The Power of Now” had come into my life. I was reading it in the lunchroom during my break and found myself so enthralled I could have read the entire book right then. It was this moment of understanding something that keeps coming back to me even today:

“There is more.”

There is more to my days, to my life and to what I am working towards.

At that time, there was more than arguing with my boyfriend every morning, there was more than the position I was currently in, there was more to my mind and my life than I was aware of. I was hungry for more and from that point forward my journey and path unfolded with teachers, courses, readings, experiences and so much more. That was exactly 13 years ago. The journey continues and is sometimes easy and sometimes hard and frustrating. I find days I am angry, days I want to dance with everyone I see, other days that I have a snide comment to go with a bright attitude from another. However, what this spiritual journey has brought me is closer to AWARENESS. The awareness of my feelings, behavior, thoughts and strategies to choose again if needed in the day.

Just today I realized that all the courses and the books and the other things I have done keep me busy and my actual practice in these areas that so inspire and touch my soul are lacking a little bit. I was guided just this morning to, "BEGIN."

Begin to practice more (instead of read about it), share more with others and keep going. So here I am in this blog letting you know that creating your own practice of awareness is as important as breathing. It can calm you in a stressful situation, it can diffuse an argument with a friend and it can bring so much joy and freedom. It is crazy to look back at all the blog posts over the year and realize that I myself have arrived at AWARENESS of my own in a profound way. I so want this for you and I know that each journey into awareness is different. I love that the most about it all.

There is so much more to share on where this all brings me in my work with Soaring Eagle, but that is for a different post. Today I want to share some of my personal practices of awareness, as to inspire you to create your own. Use mine, find others practices that speak to you and become consistent! A wonderful teacher taught me recently that CONSISTENCY is the most important thing of all.

So today I share with the most love and appreciate for you and your journey:

Amanda’s Consistent Awareness Practices

As my best friend pointed out, each day I shine differently and these practices help me shine with peace, love and joy in my life.

Practice #1 – I meditate and work to see myself in the light as much as possible. This is an exercise in visualization. I actually see myself walking in the light and bringing it forth to my day. We are all beings of light and seeing this fully, only brings it into the day for me in a big way.

Practice #2 – I bring forth thoughts of gratitude. All are entitled to joy, but our little ego can bring about so much hurt and anxiety as it speaks to us in tones we would not even use with our kids or family. Bringing forth our gratitude for all and everything brings us to a higher vibration and calms the anxiety. Try it for a few moments and see what happens.

Practice #3 – Finally, each evening before bed, I call on my guides and surrender all outcomes to the universe. I believe that we have guides, angels and guardians protecting and at our call anytime. I call upon them to help release my attachment to outcomes in my life so I can be open to wonderful gifts.

So what…you may be saying well I am not concerned with my spiritual side of me, or I am so lost on it, how do I find the way? Well what allowed me to begin this journey was curiosity.

Curiosity that:

“There is more.”

What are you curious about? Do you have a dream you wish to see happen? Take the three practices I utilize each day and make them your own. It only takes a moment and can bring along a really big change if you move your energy in one direction, instead of several.

Here is to you! Your AWARENESS journey! There is MORE!



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