Spring Has Sprung

Spring has Sprung in My Heart!


My meditation this morning was just perfect to set the tone for my day. It was about shedding, which really brings about a thought of spring for me. It is time for renewal and rebirth. It pointed to us working in our practice (I equate this to meditation, yoga, our emails together, reading and practicing what resonates) that we can, not only gain new thoughts, skills and consciousness, but we can also shed and let go too.

As I focused more on this aspect - I found that I have lost a lot in a wonderful way! Here are a few that came to mind for me - I continue to loss the feeling on anxiety when my eyes first open in the morning. I am getting better at letting go and letting it flow when it comes to my day and the things I feel are priority areas to get done. I also lost the need to jab back at my hubby when we are having a disagreement - I find myself being able to step back and not let my emotions run away with me. There is much more I am sure - these are some that went through my mind as I meditated this morning.

But my question for you is - look back, what have you lost in a wonderful way this past season? What do you plan to bring forth for Spring?

Affirmation for today is: “I believe in all that I have learned, grown through and shed through this journey. It shall continue to lead me on this path of self-discovery and this awesome life of mine. Thank you!”

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