The Universe

Staying awake in our lives can be a challenging. What do you do to stay in the now? What are your touch stones?

There is more to it than we can see with our own eyes, especially when we are asleep.

As the universe offers opportunities, I stay open to all beauty, peace and joy. However, this is easier to write than to practice. As I think about this, the emotions and feelings bubble to the surface bringing challenges and opportunities to stay awake. Yesterday evening – I went for a walk after a little bit of a hard evening with the boys. I walked to the open space and found myself in a peaceful spot. Suddenly, I realized I had no idea how I got there. Of course, I used my legs and feet to get me there but I was not awake at all. I was cycling through all the conversations and emotions that were exchanged before I left. I stopped and touched the trunk of tree and found myself coming back to where I was – with my body, my mind and my spirit all combining. It made me ask, "what are my touch stones in life that help me remain awake." I search for these daily and continue to learn and grow with them in mind. It may be a sound, it may be a beautiful stone, it may be a friend's email that reminds me to stay in the now.

I accept me for who I am and I am done apologizing for it all. I am filled with excitement for what is next and my story matters.

Today’s Affirmation: "I am fully awake, the sun, the earth, the air provides me with the awareness throughout my day. I accept all that my day has to offer me with open arms and look forward to what I am being guided towards. I know it is something BIG."


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