Gratitude is a Power Tool

Gratitude in daily life helps to cultivate joy, peace and love. Here are three practical ways to cultivate gratitude in your life.

This week I am honored to feature a guest blog post by Denver Senior Care. This company assists older adults and their families with immediate and long-term care needs. This team of caring and passionate women have extensive knowledge about the quality, cost, and availability of healthcare and community services in the Denver area.

On my journey in serving older adults, I have worked with several of these women of Denver Senior Care and have so much respect for what they are doing to spread the love in the world. Check them out if you are interested in their work and I hope you enjoy their blog on Gratitude. Enjoy!

Guest Post by Denver Senior Care written by Kristen Reming

“Gratitude doesn’t change the scenery. It merely washes clean the glass you look through, so you can clearly see the colors.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

How do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude throughout the year? Being grateful, especially in the midst of challenging circumstances, is no easy undertaking. Suggesting gratitude is by no means trying to discount or invalidate what you may be going through. It is simply a tool that when utilized can help bring some form of peace or joy to what sometimes feels like a hopeless situation. Practicing gratitude is not going to instantly bring us bliss and happiness, but it can make life a little easier.

So what does cultivating an attitude of gratitude mean or even look like? We have all most likely heard of gratitude lists. You may have even tried making a list of what you are grateful for, and by the time you find yourself listing your coffee maker, you decide you are done with your list and move on. Instead of getting overwhelmed by making a huge gratitude list try these three easy ways to bring gratitude into your life.

Three practical ways to cultivate gratitude:

1. Find three things you are grateful for specific to that day? Being specific, encourages you to find the good in each day. It may be as simple as being grateful that you had the time to sit and drink a cup of coffee or felt good enough to get outside and feel the sun on your face. Paying attention to life’s positives can train you to see more of them. Try writing down the three things that you are grateful for each day, this way you can look back at it, and it can be a good reminder. If you miss a day, no problem! It can take practice and if it ends up being just a couple times a week, that is okay.

2. Shift your perspectives. For example, if we catch ourselves being frustrated with all the housework, we can instead be grateful that we have our own home. Or when we find ourselves complaining about our jobs, we can instead be grateful that we have an income. There is nothing wrong with striving to achieve more in life, but we can never truly be happy if we are not content with what we already have.

3. Incorporate small acts of kindness. Understanding, that you already have a full plate; it is good to be realistic and not put more pressure on yourself. It can be as simple as writing a “thinking of you” note to a neighbor, letting someone skip ahead of you in line, taking flowers to your doctor’s office, giving a smile or complimenting a stranger. You never know the impact this can have on someone!

Research studies are finding the connection between gratitude and increased levels of health and wellness. One recent study from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that people who were more grateful had better heart health (specifically less inflammation), healthier heart rhythms, a less depressed mood, less fatigue and better sleep. It has been shown that having a daily gratitude practice could actually reduce the effects of aging in the brain.

Robert A Emmons, a professor of psychology at University of California said,

“gratitude works because, as a way of perceiving and interpreting life, it recruits other positive emotions that have direct physical benefits, most likely through the immune or endocrine systems.”

Try out some of these suggestions to promote gratitude, as it can so easily get lost when life gets hard. If you are an older adult feeling lonely and isolated or you are a family member of an aging loved one feeling overwhelmed reach out to Denver Senior Care. Let them help you navigate and address the challenges that come with aging and caring for aging loved ones.

Please also know that Soaring Eagle Healing is here for you on your journey. "Healing and Creating Through Awareness" is a life long journey that incorporates gratitude, slowing down and taking time for yourself. If you would like to see if connected with Soaring Eagle Healing is a good step for you, please visit the website or give me a call anytime to discuss at 720-220-6079.

Thank you and as always remember:

"You are the Wisest voice in the room - LISTEN!!"

Love and light to you!

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