Let it Flow

Do you flow with the day or control the day? Two adjustments that can change your perspective in a few moments.

Mesa Verde at Sunset

I recently went on a vacation with my family to one of the most beautiful corners of Colorado. Each day was filled with adventure and exploration with all of my boys.

As our adventures unfolded in Mesa Verde, the Four Corners and the relaxation of Ouray, Colorado, I noticed something about my youngest that moved me deeper into the understanding of a mantra I have been working since the beginning on 2019.

"Let it Go and Let it Flow."

This mantra has served me in many ways, as I move through my days, grow within my family and build a business. Being back for a few days, I have had a little time to reflect and I realized something that I want to share.

So let me tell you the story...

As we traveled and worked to flow with the days of our vacation, my youngest seemed to have a hard time with this. It seemed he was going through a moment in his own journey that moved him to question every move and spurred his need to know the details of each move. Which was a little different for him - neither good nor bad, it just was.

Here is just one of many conversations we had like this:

"Mom, where are we going tomorrow?"

"We are going to Mesa Verde tomorrow."

"What are we doing first?"

"We are going to see the Cliff Palace."

"Then what are we doing?"

"We are going to eat lunch and head to the Balcony House."

"Do we have to climb a tall ladder and is there a tunnel we crawl through?"

"Yes to both."

*Please note this conversation would then repeat the next day a few times.

Cliff Palace

There were points I found patience to answer the questions, but there were other times I asked him if he could flow through the day with us and see what would happen. Sometimes he could but sometimes the unknown became too much and more questions arose for him.

His questions were new for me to experience and he seemed to have developed this overnight after being so willing to flow with the day only months ago. It started to make me think, is there a point when we start to need to know what will happen around the bend? Does the adventure of it all and the wonder of the unknown scare us or suddenly make us uncomfortable? We all move through our journey and questions are something that help us understand the world around us. To a young person that has never experienced that corner of the state it may be essential at the moment. But I will not know, as I have yet to ask him why all the questions. Instead, I answered them the best I could and we flowed.

This experience has provided me with an opportunity to ask the question throughout my day - so I ask you too...

Are you flowing with your day or are you controlling your day?

After this wonderful trip filled with wonder and lessons that are still unfolding, I feel as though there are two specific adjustments that can be used to change your perspective in just a few moments.

Adjustment #1: Tune into right now

Each time I find myself deep in worry, I realize I am either focusing on the past or the future. When I take a moment to really focus on what is happening Now, the worry lessens. Do you find yourself worrying as you drive to work? Are you worried about tomorrow and what it will bring? Is there anxiety about the future? Well here is an opportunity to take a breath and tune into right NOW. Notice the colors, the feelings, your surroundings and see how it changes the perspective for you.

Adjustment #2: Turn the question into a statement.

Questions are essential as we uncover answers that help us live our life. Like my son showed me, it is part of our journey. However, if you are questioning every move you make, the next moment of the day or second guessing your original thought, I believe there is an opportunity. Take a moment and turn the question into a statement. For example, "How am I going to get everything done today that I need to?" Restated in a statement of. "I am getting everything done today that I need to." As I write this, it feels like it takes the pressure off of the unknown and allows the flow to be part of the magic of getting things done.

So there you go, take a few moments today to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue. These two adjustments can bring a little bit more peace, love and joy into your world within a few moments.

As always, if you are interested in more practice in awareness, schedule an appointment with me soon! Visit my offerings page and schedule today!

Thank you for reading and remember,

"You are the wisest voice in the room, LISTEN!"


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