The symbols that can remind us of our own values and help us live with ease and grace.

As my birthday week ends, I wrap myself in the love that fills my life and all those family and friends that support me 100% all the time!

Having a beautiful family starting with my caring parents, to my loving husband, to my energetic boys, my long-time and new friends and of course my mischievous dog, I truly know I am BLESSED.

With only ONE more post left in this year, I take a moment to celebrate two things:

1. I was able to share my heart with my readers every other week during 2019!


2. My gratitude for Soaring Eagle Healing continues to blossom with more passion to move forward and serve many more people in 2020.

As I reflect on my birthday (December 11th) I found that 3 words came to mind:




A few reasons these words came about. In 2015, on my birthday, I found myself at a tattoo parlor (on purpose) getting a tattoo I had been planning on for years. As pictured, it is a dragon with two Chinese symbols – Friendship within the tail and Love in the front claw.

This tattoo was covering up another tattoo and at the same time embracing another from the past. It was really a moment of knowing, not just by the needle pricks that hurt like hell, but by understanding my own journey lead me right here. What I realized then, and get even deeper today, 4 years later, is that Love, Courage and Friendship live inside of me.

I have had many moments when I am (was) lost, in these moments I catch a glimpse of this tattoo (since it is on my back) I am instantly reminded of the change that is always constant. I am reminded of these three words and it seems a bit easier for me to move along my path.


Take a moment and look around your – is there something physical or a memory that reminds you of some of your own values? Values that make things easier when things in your life seem hard?

What is this reminder for you?

What are these values? Are they…

· Trust

· Integrity

· Creativity

· Wisdom

· Grace

· Change

· Self-Love

· Compassion

The reminder can help us move into a space of gratitude and can create an ease and grace where before it was harder. As you move into 2020, I hope it brings you peace, love and joy. May your values always light your way on.

I am looking forward to 2020 with programs that empower people to create their own “easy button” for areas in their life. Bringing Mindfulness, Movement and Energy together, I believe, is a powerful combination to embrace the now and create ease. If you are interested in one of the programs for you, please find more information about them at

All programs are done virtually. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Thank you for reading and remember….

“You are the wisest voice in the room, keep LISTENING!”

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