Words of Healing

What speaking your healing out loud for the universe to hear can create...

Healing can happen in an instant! Stop for a moment and breath.

Focus on the thoughts running through your mind.

Are they positive, are they negative - just notice, no need to judge.

Take a quick moment to breath and come back to your space.

As I think about this, I am reminded of a lovely book I just finished called, "What If It All Goes Right?" by Mendhi Audlin. This book introduced the method of either "What if Upping" our current goals or situation rather than "What if Downing." The opportunity of "What if Upping" is all about looking at the potential and opportunity that surrounds our current situation. It may be we are facing a challenge or we are working on a project that just is not going right. Mendhi suggests we look at how to make this a positive in our minds and start to get excited about the next steps in action. This is either done with a group or on your own, and it is about working to create a momentum of positive thoughts around something specific for your life.

So if we go back to some of your thoughts - if you can pick one, perhaps it was a challenge or something you are working towards currently on your journey. The action is to then begin to ask "What if...." questions.

As an example, I have recently been working very hard on my website for Soaring Eagle Healing. (Shameless Plug: If you have not visited recently take a look at the changes that have taken place www.soaringeaglehealingco.com). As I expand and see new opportunities, I feel connected to this change and at the same time, there is this nagging thought that I am not doing it right. The site is not quite there and there is so much work to do. Well if I take Mendhi's advice I can start to ask myself the following:

  • What if the process of my website design and adjustments makes something beautiful and user friendly in the end?

  • What if I am learning skills to make the website even better but also move my business even further?

  • What if all I am working to build on my pages is just right for my audience and brings about lots of interest and traffic in the upcoming months?

Research in this area has connected our thoughts to the exact life that we see in front of us. So instead of seeing my website as a hard thing to work through, I am seeing it as an opportunity to share the work I do and create something that is engaging.

The awareness of realizing when I am in a state of negative self-talk or "What if Downing," brings about a purposeful way to start making a change in what I see in front of me. What I find when I do this exercise of "What If Upping," is the overwhelm and disconnection to my goals begins to disappear and I can see clearly again. I can take the steps I need to in order to keep moving on my beautiful path of life.

If you have not read "What If It All Goes Right?" I would highly recommend it for anyone. It is a fun read and brings about some good exercises to start building this muscle of stopping our negative thoughts right in their tracks AND then picking a different track.

Always remember that....

~Healing is a CHOICE!~

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

~Nelson Mandela

As always thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this - pass it along to a friend!


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