Soaring Eagle Healing


Movement Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

Tel: 720-220-6079

Evergreen, CO

United States

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6 Month Private Coaching Program

A program serving seekers that are ready to SOAR


Realize their greatest Dreams and Desires NOW.


In this Program You will Learn:

How to reduce daily stressors so you can get clear on your personal goals and break through to your dreams faster.


How to create time for your health in order to be confident and ready for anything.


How to utilize movement, energy and mediation to balance your health naturally.


How to bring forth happiness and joy everyday with relaxation techniques that work in minutes and can be done anywhere.


How to confidently communicate with others in your life in order to increase love and compassion.


How to accept and appreciate your body as it is right now so you can see the results you have been wanting for years.


How to release control over your circumstances so you can be happy now.


How to create harmony in your relationships, even if you haven't felt confident in the past.


Let's soar like an eagle together in order to realize your greatest dreams and desires now!

SOAR, A 6-Month Deep Dive Journey